Italian elections: how can Beppe Grillo damage Italy? Italy seen from Slovakia. My point of view.

By less then one week time Italy will have elected a new parliament (Chamber of Deputies and Senate of the Republic). Five candidates are running these elections to be the next prime minister. Actually, in Italy there is not the institutional role of the Prime minister, constitution calls for President of Minister’s Council. However, this clarification is necessary in order to understand what is going on in this electoral competition. Indeed, according to ballots’ results the President of the Republic appoints a candidate as President of Ministers’ Council who needs parliament’s vote of confidence. Anyway, to make the matter simpler I am going to refer to President of minister’s council as Prime minister (PM). The main difference, for instance, is that Prime ministers, see Cameron in UK, have the power to lay off their ministers. President of Minister’s Council does not have this prerogative, his a ‘primus inter pares’. Considering this, Italians do not vote for PM but for a coalition of parties. So, the last ‘judge’ who will choose the next PM is not the ‘sovereign people’ but the President of the Republic. Everybody seems have forgotten it.
I really do not want to talk about Berlusconi. He is just an elder pervert person who needs rest and peace. If Italians vaguely remember their past and their cultural tradition, they will not vote for him. I do not care even about Bersani (Democratic party – former Italian communist party, former socialist party and even former political party). They are over. They represent the worst that Italy can bring around the world. What I really care is to inform whoever is interested in Italian politics about Beppe Grillo. Who is he? He is a comic. You may find further information about his biography on wikipedia. Why is he dangerous? Well, let’s start explain that Italians are very tired and angry of corruption, high rate of unemployment, especially among young people as well as public money squandering realized by politicians.   
Coming back to Grillo, he is just populist and very good in pretending giving fake answers to these problems. He does not have neither a manifesto nor a logical and reasonable proposal to foster crucial policies such as economical growth, reduction of level of unemployment, luring foreigners investors and fight corruption. His violence is as dangerous as fascism. Remembering history, this is the way how Mussolini took the power in 1922. No programs but violence. In this case Grillo’s violence is just verbal but in an Europe where neo-Nazi and fascist movements are increasing their consensus, see Hungary,  we should not give him space. What Italy and Europe need is economical stability, cooperation and making bureaucracy simpler. Italy needs to be protagonist in Europe and not to be the clown of it. Voting Grillo means voting for an empty and dangerous new fascism. It also means do not know in which path the country will walk. Dancing in the dark can be romantic, but voting in the dark for unknown programs and people risk to make Italy sinking in an unavoidable recession, stagnation, nationalism (indeed Grillo is against Euro and Germany), isolationism. To put it simple, voting Grillo could bring Italy in default. Italians do not need promises, they need a great future.


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