Same behaviour, different treatment

My question is always the same. Why was just Saddam Hussein considered a dictator? He had kept together something which was born after Ottoman Empire's fall, in other words, Iraq. Indeed, Baghdad, Basra and Mosul were three vilayet of the Turkish empire which UK decided to put together and give to this new subject the name of Iraq. Saddam, and I am far away to be his sympathizer, created a national consciousness.
After intervention in Iraq, put into effect by George W. Bush, what did US create? Nothing or rather they just killed Saddam, enemy of Iran and supported Shiites. 

In this way Iran became stronger, with another ally (the new Iraq) and able to threat Israel even worst than in the past. So, if we say that we love Israel, why Western of the world is supporting, of course in an indirect way, Bashar Al-Assad, Shiites and friend of Iran? Why are we doing so if Turkey would agree in participating in a conflict against Syria? What we can see it's something very simple. Cold war is not over, and Russia still dictate rules to a world staring at BRICS.


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